My Official HCG Diet Story! Read All About It!

Hey Jenny here,

If you are looking at the best way to drop some weight fast and keep it off, I am glad you found my killer blog, you will want to keep reading…..

This is my uncensored, official hCG diet story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my personal goal of losing some stubborn fat!

I was sick of not being able to keep the weight off and being treated poorly by others. I had to face that fact that I was being treated differently than others due to my weight. I can’t prove it, but I am almost 100% sure that I was passed up for promotion due to my weight at the time. It is sad that in this day and age that society is so judgmental.

I Hit The End Of My Limit And Needed A Solution

I gave the Atkins Diet a run. I went off of carbs and dropped 15 lbs rather quickly. As soon as I introduced carbs back into my diet, I gained all the weight back. I did not eat a lot of carbs, but my body stored every single carb I ate! As soon as I ate it! I did a small search on the net, and found a lot of women with the same problem. Atkins = failure!

Low-Fat Diet. My friends went on the low-fat diet and convinced me to do the same. The problem with this diet is that your body needs a certain amount of fat in your diet to process other vitamins and minerals. I often found myself overeating because I never felt full. I did drop a few pounds off the bat, but quickly gained 3 times more than I lost…..

After Trying Other Diets My Parents Told Me About Their Current Weight Loss Plan ~ Should I Try It?

My parents have tried all of the diets that I have and some more! LOL! Before I get ahead of myself…. I noticed that my parents had lost a few pounds. Out of curiosity, I asked them how they did it, and what was their current diet.

They wouldn’t tell me right away. When I finally got them to tell me, they said it involved shots. I laughed, and said “what crazy diet are you cooks into now?”

“We Are On The Official HCG Diet”

“And it involves shots? Like injections? Please explain before I call someone to haul you off to the looney bin….”

“Your father and I have been going to our nature path and he described a diet that would work for us. The only catch, is that you have to take a shot each day. The shot is a hormone that will curb your appetite. At the same time, you go on a low calorie diet. I lost 5 lbs in the first 3 days.”

I was very impressed with their progress. Day after day, they kept dropping weight. After 1 month on it, they lost over 30 lbs each!

I am very afraid of needles… I do not like injections….

After seeing them thin up and looking very trim. Not to mention, my father’s blood pressure dropped 20 points, and he is healthier now than he has been in 10 years. I want to give this diet plan a go. But….. I do not like injections!!!!

Immediately I got on google and started my research. I want to try it, with no needles. Does it exist?

Official HCG Diet & No Needles!

official hCG DietFinally after countless reviews and hundreds of websites, I found a solution. HCG Diet drops! They make a concentrated HCG formula in a drop form. All you do is put the drop on your tongue each day. Some say that it does not work as well as the HCG injections, but I did not have an issue with them. Here is where I got my Diet Drops Click Here.

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Check out my pic’s :) As you can see, I am looking good :) and feeling good! My husband is very pleased with my weight loss. More importantly, I have kept the weigh off. It has been 6 months since I went on this weight loss program, and the weight has stayed off.

I recommend this diet for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off!